Welcome to October: Exercise Ideas For You At Home With Your Family

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Welcome to October.

Just like that children are back to school and September is over and now your looking forward to half term this month!

This month I thought I would share some great ideas for you to keep fit and incorporate exercise into your family life at home. It is always fun when you exercise together and very important for children to learn this from an early age.


My little girl aged 2 and half, always says to be when i have my workout clothes on, “Mummy are you exercising now, can i join in” bless her, we have had many workouts together from home with her trying to do star jumps next to me.


Here are a few great ideas to do as a family in the comfort of your own home/garden space permitting.


  1. Family Sit ups: Ensure you have a mat/ rug or something soft under your back. Feet tucked under a sofa, hands by your ears but not tugging on the back of your neck. Gently lie backwards and sit up. Depending on the age of your children they can do halfway sit ups. I would recommend for a child age 8 and under no more then 20 sit ups at a time.


2) On You Tube there are loads of great short little videos for exercise. Yoga is a fantastic one to do with little space. This is relaxing for the children, increases Posture, Flexibility and Coordination. Plus calms them down – MASSIVE PLUS


3) Go for a family run, a short run around your local park is great to increase their cardio, get some fresh air and burn off some unwanted energy.


Start with one of the above and implement into your family life and then do another,


Have great fun at the same time, this is what it is all about


Have an amazing October

Katie Cannon

Director of Backflip Gymnastics